Saturday, 9 August 2008

Hey, this is private!

So, if you can see this I have decided to release this to the public. I may not do so yet....dunno. Anyway, this part of the blog is set up so I can make notes of the more technical stuff (Techniques, learnings, findings, embarrassing learning curve mistakes and rants) and then I can add this to my project folder. I will be posting all sorts of spoilers here that would ruin the illusion of my animation before its seen, so this is my special little place to hide all the tasty bits until after my cartoon is realeased.

The first little secret is: I might cut my cartoon down. Its quite long and I was hoping to have it finished before university starts again, just in case im not allowed to use it as a project (Which I personally think would be mighty unfair).

So I started to animated the first scene yesterday and it all went surprisingly well. I wouldn't say im that chuffed with it, but I want to do the whole first scene - add sound effects and music in and see how it looks. Then im going to decided whether to cut it or not. We'll see.

I struggled with certain parts of my cartoon but I have been referencing to a cartoon by who I consider to be the best artist on Newgrounds - Happy Harry. He just animates fantastically. He knows the tools and how to exploit them to get the best results with the least amount of taxing work. The cartoon im referencing to is Jimmy's Magic Pickles. It's a fantastic piece that im going to do a whole post on the next time I sit down to write here. But for now, its back to the weekend.